child with food allergies

Help! My Allergic Picky Eater Is Eating Behind My Back

I’ve been on a roller coaster ride watching my son totally understand his allergies (checking with me if he can eat something) to witnessing my worst nightmare- my son eating his friend’s snack at the park. Then, this weekend came the big shocker. He picked up his baguette and said, “Mommy, this is how I eat my baguette in school”. Then, he took a huge bite and said “miammmm”. I almost had a heart attack.
Centre Pompidou Paris

Paris Happenings: Au Revoir Summer Fun, Bonjour Autumn Action

Au revoir country house and vacation club. Fini drinks on the terrace and apéro on the beach. But the fun isn’t over... September brings a new hot season of culture to Paris and the excitement that comes with it.
Five Flights Up book cover

Book Excerpt – Five Flights Up: Sex, Love and Family, from Paris to Lyon

In her second book, "Five Flights Up", author and psychotherapist Kristin Louise Duncombe writes candidly and touchingly about uprooting her life, again, for her husband's career. Here's a preview ...
Best of Paris

Vote for INSPIRELLE in Expatriates Magazine’s Best of Paris 2016!

C'est Magnifique! INSPIRELLE has been nominated Best Expat Blog, Best Facebook Page and Best Expat Business in Expatriates Magazine's Best of Paris 2016 campaign! Now, we're asking for your votes to help us win!

11 Famous French Couples in Love, For Better or Worse

French lovers, French kisses, French romance. Really, is romance at the heart of every French coupling? And just how long does the steaming passion last? INSPIRELLE takes a look at 11 famous French couples in search of the meaning of l’amour in their relationship.
living thankfully

Focus and the Art of Living Thankfully

Focusing with gratitude – seeing, enumerating, and verbalizing continually all that I had loved and still loved – actually changed the things themselves, magnifying them, making them hum, expand, flash full of flame.