gap year

5 Reasons Why I Need a Gap Year After High School

The end of high school is a scary and exhilarating moment. Faced with stepping in to the sitcom-worthy world of college, internships and tiny apartments is enough to warrant a moment of reflection in three simple words: Am I ready?

Man in the Kitchen: A Symbol of Peace and Friendship

As I write this with Paris on my mind, I am staring at a view of the San Bernardino Mountains from the desert in eastern California. Christmas lights ring the palm trees on El Paseo. The holidays are in the air. At a time when suspicion reigns supreme I wonder what good tidings could I possibly bring? This of course led me to think about salmon.
Internet Age Limit

Internet Age Restrictions: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

My 9 year old is jonesing for a smartphone. And a YouTube account. And an Instagram account. And a Facebook account. I have explained to him ‘Not yet’ in terms that I think he now understands. I told him simply that he has to wait. He has to grow-up a bit. Age restrictions exist for a reason.
manage your money

6 Smart Ways to Make You Feel Wealthy (Even If You’re Not)

When you feel poor, do you tend to splash out even more? Follow these simple tips to help you manage your money better and make you feel wealthier.
Outdoor Activities in Paris - Rowing

18 of the Best Outdoor Activities in Paris

Oh, how we love Paris in the springtime! The flowers are in full bloom, the blue skies beckon, and there’s a magnificent joie de vivre in the air. Everyone’s itching to get out, and the capital city doesn’t disappoint with its plethora of outdoor activities on offer. Well, put on your walking shoes, because here are INSPIRELLE’s top picks to inspire you to get outside and get moving.

How To Tackle the Paris Sales Like A Pro  

Twice a year the Paris department stores and boutiques are over run with crowds of shoppers, each looking to grab a bargain or determined to find the handbag they have had their eye on for months. Yes, I’m talking about the Paris sales or “Soldes”!  
Free Persephone spa

Rejuvenate Yourself at Paris’ First Fragrance Day Spa

American fragrance specialist Lauren Creecy brings a touch of eternal spring to Paris with her Free Persephone Fragrance Day Spa – a unique escape to indulge yourself, relax, and connect with friends.
man in the kitchen

Man in the Kitchen: Have We Lost Our Way Searching for the Right School?

Has the increasingly stressful process of finding that perfect school for our kids gone a bit over the top? Our Man in the Kitchen has some thoughts and a comforting beefaroni recipe to share...