11 Great Gift Ideas for Men

11 Great Gift Ideas for Men

gift ideas for men
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Are you scratching your head about what present to give to the special men in your life? It’s not easy finding an original gift which guys really like. So the INSPIRELLE elves put their thinking caps on and came up with this wish list of gift ideas for men – from the affordable to the indulgent, the practical to the over-the-top. And come to think of it, some of these gifts are great for women and teens too!

1. Virtual Reality Goggles

Gift ideas for men
Assembled Google Cardboard VR mount” by othreeGoogle Cardboard. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

Tech geeks will tell you this is the latest, greatest gadget for an immersive, virtual reality (VR) experience off just about any Android or iOS smartphone or phablet. Google Cardboard Goggles is an inexpensive, cardboard VR viewer that allows you to fly through Google Earth to any destination, or even voyage to outer space, play immersive games, or simply view your photos in 3D. And best yet, it’s under 10€ for the basic version, though there are various options for customizing the viewer, a variety apps to make it come alive, and even instructions to build your own on their WEBSITE.

2. Organic Wool and Silk Long Johns

Want your man to look cool and be warm in the freezing cold? Offer him organic wool and silk long johns that he can slip under his dress pants, jeans or sportswear. While others will be hopping on their toes to fight off the cold, your guy will be comfortable all day outside and everyone will be wondering how he does it. And if you know where to find cashmere long johns in Paris, please share the address!

Order a pair from www.chaussettes-nature.com for only 54.90€

3. Armagnac that Marks a Special Date

gift ideas for men
© Slavatore Massauve/123RF

The French love their Armagnac. And frankly, what man wouldn’t appreciate this elegant grape spirit? It’s no secret that the longer the Armagnac stays in the barrel, the richer and more satisfying the taste. Imagine receiving a bottle of Armagnac that dates back to the year of his birth, or the day of your marriage, or a landmark day in his life? Price increases as the Armagnac gets older.

Sud-Ouest Monceau Restaurant boutique, 8, rue Meissonier, 75017 Paris. Tel:+33 (0)1 47 63 15 07

4. Spa dans le Noir/ In the Dark

Treat your man to a unique spa experience at Dans le Noir where trained personnel with sight disabilities perform massages and spa treatments in the dark. The concept began in 2004 with Restaurants in the Dark and now includes spas in Paris and Bordeaux. Every man deserves to be pampered – so, why not treat him to a Christmas package that includes a hammam, scrub and massage? If you book now, you can get a 10% discount on this original and relaxing gift.

Spa dans le Noir, 65 rue Montmartre, 75002.
Reservations by telephone : +33 (0)1 83 95 46 77
Tarifs:  49€ for 30 mins, 90€ for 60 mins and 135€ for 90 mins.

Gift ideas for men
© Blend Images/Shutterstock

5. Cooking Lesson

Does your man like to cook? Or does he simply love to eat good cooking? Allow him to roll up his sleeves, smell the produce, and taste the fruits of his labor. Offer him a cooking lesson or workshop and enjoy the spinoff when he recreates his recipe at home for you! It should come as no surprise that there are many cooking venues to choose from in Paris –from the city’s popular daily lessons to famous chefs’ cooking workshops. And if you really want to win your man’s heart through his stomach, sign him up for Mimi Thorisson’s amazing cooking workshop in her farmhouse kitchen in the South of France.

6. Cook for Him

Really cook for him… promise to make him his favorite meal, or surprise him with a new exotic dish that you lovingly prepared for him, served with a special bottle of wine or champagne. Use your imagination to embellish the evening with his preferred music, choice pastime before and after. Package up the idea in a box tied with a red bow and you’re ready to go!

7. Portrait from Harcourt Studio

gift ideas for men
Jean Dujardin. Photo Studio Harcourt

Immortalize your man with his portrait captured in the iconic Studio Harcourt in Paris. With its distinctive black and white style, Studio Harcourt has been creating legendary portraits since 1934. Capture your man in his prime, and he’ll never look as good as he will in these portrait photos. If this studio is out of your price range, have your portrait quickly done in one of the two Harcourt luxury photo booths in Paris for 10€!

Alternatively, check out INSPIRELLE’s I-list directory for some of our favorite photographers.

Studio Harcourt, 10, Rue Jean Goujon, 75008 Paris
Reservations by telephone: +33 (0) 1 42 56 67 67

Harcourt Photo Booth: MK2 Cinema, 128-162 avenue de France 75013 or Franck et Fils department store: 80, rue de Passy – 75016 PARIS

8. Revolutionary Two-Wheeled Scooter Plank

Better than a skateboard, reminiscent of the motorized Segway, the IO Hawk is the newest mobile way to scoot around Paris or any major city. Available in red, white and black, the IO Hawk is essentially a light, two-wheeled, battery-powered plank that runs on electricity and has a range of about 10 to 12 miles on a full charge. It was designed for people of all ages and weight up to 280 pounds to improve and increase their personal mobility. It’s supposedly easy and fast to learn. You stand on it and just lean to go forward, backward, and to turn. Pre-order now on their website.

gift ideas for men
Photo courtesy of World View Experience

9. Fly Me Over the Earth (For the man who dares to go!)

Are you ready for this? Sign up your man now to be one of the first to fly up to the edge of space for an incredible panoramic view of the earth. Worldview Experience is perfecting its luxury flyover for its first flights in 2017. Your man can be one of those daring voyagers in a capsule to be lifted 20 miles straight up by a giant helium balloon. Space is now within your reach, if you can spare US$90,000! Early bird reservations on-line cost only US$75,000.

10. The Gift of Giving to a Charity or Association in Need

If your guy doesn’t want you to fuss over him, really doesn’t need anything, or thinks about others more than himself then consider a donation to his favorite charity or association. Perhaps there is a new cause in your town that could benefit from your generosity or an aide association abroad that will guarantee your donation will be well spent? From planting a tree to save our rain forests to UNICEF for children or the Cancer Society, a refugee humanitarian association or a homeless shelter  and food bank, the best Christmas gift is the gift of giving.

11. Let Him Choose!

Still not sure what to give him? Get him a GiftIT card, the ideal present for anyone who’s hard to shop for. You can personalize a gift card in the denomination of your choice and allow him to select from one of Gift It‘s unique Parisian partner boutiques.



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