The Best Summer Camps and Workshops for Kids in Paris

The Best Summer Camps and Workshops for Kids in Paris

summer camps in Paris
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School’s nearly out for kids in and around Paris, and “les grandes vacances” of summer are coming. If you’re a busy parent, you may be finding yourself in a panic about how to keep your kids of all ages busy and away from digital devices in France for the next couple of months!

Don’t sweat… we’ve got your back! Here’s the scoop on summer day camps (stages), workshops (ateliers) and overnight camps which still have spaces available for kids of all ages in Paris and further out. Hurry though! Spaces fill up quickly! (Note: Activities are led in French unless otherwise noted.)

Day Camps in and Around Paris

kids playing basketball
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American Basketball Camp

Alley-oop! Boys and girls from 7 years and up can practice their lay-ups with the American Basketball Camp, a complete basketball academy where kids can learn the game’s fundamentals and skills from professional players. Whether you want to introduce your child to American-style basketball, develop their skills or help your established basketballer get to the next level, the American Basketball Camp caters to players of all levels. Kids will receive intermediate and advanced skills training focused on individual development, and have fun while competing against each other. Sessions are held in French and in English.

Ages: 6th–12th graders (6ème – terminale)
When: June 26-30, 9:30am-4pm
Where: American School of Paris, Saint Cloud
Price: 450€ for week long camp
Inquiries/Registration: visit WEBSITE 

Ages: 6th – 12th graders (6ème – terminale)
When: July 1-2 and July 8-9, 9am-5pm
Where: Versailles – Le Chesnay
Price: Weekend price – 135€ in advance or 150€ at the door
Inquiries/Registration: visit WEBSITE 

© Energy Academy

Energy Kids Academy (multi-sports)

Did you know there’s a kids-only sports club just 20 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower? Energy Kids Academy is a friendly, exclusive, multi-sports club for kids from 3 to 14. On their two hectares of green space, they offer tennis, soccer and golf courses through the school year and holiday sports camps when school’s out. They’re flexible too — so you can sign up your kids on a weekly or à la carte basis. Even if you’re just visiting Paris, you can drop off your kids here for a session or two so they can play with kids their own age. Bonus for busy parents: there’s a convenient door-to-door minibus service shuttling kids to/from the club in Bièvres. (Instruction in English and French)

Ages: 3-14 years
When: June 19 – Sept. 2
Where: Lieu-dit Les Jonnières, 91570 Bièvres
Price: 110€ per morning, 130€ per afternoon, 160€ for a full day, and 750€ for one week (including door-to-door transport, lunch and snack)
Inquiries/Registration: Tel: +33(0) 47 01 59 60, Email: or visit WEBSITE

Magic Makers Coding workshop
© Magic Makers

Magic Makers (computer coding)

If you have a techie at home, why not let them learn to create their own apps, computer games, music or cartoons with simple coding, a new skill which is increasingly important in a numeric world? Magic Makers offers half-day and full day intensive workshops from New Scratchers to Lego construction, App design or Minecraft coding and Drone Making for kids from 8 years and up in multiple locations around Paris. Both younger children and adolescents will love the chance to express their imagination and learn that programming can be a creative tool. Most of their stages are taught in French, but at the International School of Paris they’re in English!

Ages : 8-10 years and 11-12 years
When: all major French school holidays, including summer
Where: International School of Paris, 96 bis rue de Ranelagh 75016 (CLICK HERE for their other locations with French-taught classes)
Price: 200€ and up
Inquiries/Registration: Tel: + 33(0)1 48 25 07 03, Email:, or visit their WEBSITE

Paris Country Club camps
© Paris Country Club

Paris Country Club (English, French, sports, culture)

Just 10 minutes from the Arc de Triomphe, the exclusive Paris Country Club (PCC), welcomes non-member kids during school holidays for a variety of activities on their verdant 55-hectare grounds. Stages Vacances: ALL SUMMER, they offer flexible, half day or full day tennis, golf, soccer and English classes for kids 3 to 17. * New in 2017 * English Camp helps kids improve their English mainly through activities (art, music, theater) and sports (baseball, football, hockey, golf, tennis). In partnership with Acadomia, PCC’s residential “Summer Camp” offers English or French language classes, sports and cultural excursions for kids 10 to 15. A shuttle bus option is available for day campers.

Ages: 3-17 years
* Stages Vacances (half and full day holiday camps): June 19 – Sept. 8;  

Details & Registration HERE
* English Camp: February/April/July/August; Details & Registration HERE;

* Summer Camp w/Acadomia (residential option): February/April/July/August; Details & Registration HERE;
Where: 121, rue du Lieutenant Colonel de Montbrison, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison
Price: from 60€ for half day and up (lunch and shuttle bus extra)
Inquiries/Registration: Tel: +33(0)1 47 77 64 00, Email: or visit WEBSITE

Roaming School House
© Roaming School House

Roaming School House (English-language activities)

The world of Muggles, Hobbits, Goblins and Elves beckon children to enjoy this 4-day English-language summer camp! Aimed towards children growing up in the French education system but who speak English, the Roaming School House camp includes art, sports, geography, and history all under the theme of Fantasy Worlds!

Ages: 4-14 years
When: July 10 – July 13; drop off between 8:30am-10am, pick up from 4:30pm to 6pm
Where: School Sainte Catherine, 13 bis rue des Bernardins, 75005 Paris
Price: 300€ (270€ for second child)
Inquiries/Registration: Tel: +33(0) 6 62 72 87 93, Email: derek@r-sh.frWEBSITE

boys soccer
© Paris Saint Germain Academy

Urban Soccer/Paris Saint Germain Academy (soccer)

Kids will love the caché of training at this soccer school, which is affiliated with the professional team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). They run weekly 5-a-side soccer camps for kids through the summer (and other school holidays) at various Urban Soccer locations in Ile-de-France and other provinces around France. Participants receive a PSG/Nike-branded uniform. PSG Academy also run an intensive sleep away training camp for older kids just outside of Paris (see Overnight Camps).

Ages: 5-13 years
When: between July 2 – Sept 1
Where: various locations
Price: 350€ per week
Inquiries/Registration: visit WEBSITE, Email: kids@urbansoccer.frTel:+33(0)1 74 70 47 16

any 2017 PSG Academy summer soccer day camp or overnight camp in Ile-de-France by emailing us at before you make your booking! Please indicate your name, your child(ren)’s name and age(s), and the camp you’re interested in booking.

Other Summer Day Camp Options in Paris:

There are other options to let your kids have some active fun when you’re occupied over the summer holidays! Approximately 280 Centres de Loisirs, housed in local French public schools, offer low-cost supervised activities and outings for kids 3 to 14 all summer. Register ONLINE or directly at participating schools between June 9-25, 2017.

Neighborhood sports and cultural associations like La Salésienne (17th arrondissement), or La Nicolaïte de Chaillot (16th arrondissement) offer affordable sports-oriented day camps, run in French, at reasonable prices.

For the lowdown on more tried-and-tested day camps in Paris, visit our I-List directory HERE. No matter what your child’s interests you’ll be sure to find a camp near you!

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Summer Ateliers (Workshops) in Paris

Camps and workshops for Kids

If your kids prefer shorter workshops rather than full-day activities, Paris is packed with places offering inspiring and creative ateliers. From singing and dancing, to acting, sculpting or science, you’ll find dozens of ideas in the workshops and classes section of our I-List.

Museum-based workshops

The plethora of amazing museums in Paris offer regular workshops for children, some with and some without their parents. Some of our favorites include: 

Brought to you in partnership with: American Basketball Camp, Energy Academy, Magic Makers, Paris Country Club, Roaming School House and Urban Soccer/Paris Saint Germain Academy.


  1. Could anyone recommend a good french immersion summer camp for kids? I am looking to spend the summer in Paris and would like to enroll my 13 & 9 year old in a camp where they can learn French.

    • Hello! the Paris Country Club (mentioned in the post above) offers French immersion in partnership with Acadomia (which specializes in French academic tutoring and workshops), along with sports and fun activities (unless you specifically choose the English immersion option of course); and the other camps such as Magic Makers, Urban Soccer, plus the workshops at museums and the camps we mention in the post under “Other Summer Day Camp Options in Paris” are all led mainly in French to kids of all ages. If you do book with any of the camps mentioned here, we would really appreciate if you mention that you heard about it through INSPIRELLE!

  2. This is a gold mine to break the 24hour-playstation vacation day ! I’ve tried the American school of Paris camp for French kids who want to learn English the fun way and they quite liked it. They have classes in the morning (they learn songs and American history) and all kinds of sports in the afternoon.

  3. I’ve tried several of these camps with my kids, and we’ve been pleased with the quality of the instruction. One son prefers coding, so he’s done most of the Magic Makers workshops for his age group; the other is more sporty and often does the PSG workshops during school holidays. Both have liked the Paris Country Club, which for parents is quite flexible. You can book up till the weekend before a new week starts for their summer day camps.


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