Looking for advice on how to infiltrate French culture and stop feeling like an outsider in your own city?

✓ Have a family and need help navigating French schools or the healthcare system?

✓ Are you single and looking for tips on dating or making friends in Paris?

✓ Or do you want to reinvent yourself and start up a new business in the City of Light?



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Anelle Coetzee Personal Stylist

Anelle Coetzee is a personal stylist based in Paris who believes that style and fashion should adapt to the woman and not the other way around. INSPIRELLE premium members get 15% off any consulting package 

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Baking Class with Trained Pastry Chef

Learn how to bake French pâtisserie classics with Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Molly Wilkinson! INSPIRELLE premium members get 15% off all classes.

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Charlotte Debeugny Nutritionist

Charlotte Debeugny is a British Registered Nutritionist and published author who is passionate about making food and nutrition fun! INSPIRELLE premium members get 10% off on all nutrition consultations.

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My Paris Market Cookbook author

7 Favorite Paris Hangouts of My Paris Market Cookbook Author

There may often be new additions to Paris' food and drink scene, but My Paris Market Cookbook author Emily Dilling finds herself returning to these trusty restaurants, markets, and watering holes that still feel like home.
man in the kitchen

Man in the Kitchen: A Well-Seasoned Proposal

It is the month of resolutions. If we cannot change the world, what might we do to improve ourselves? I aim to write a few more hours a day because I am at one with unfulfilled dreams. To write is to be hungry and that is a condition The Man in the Kitchen relishes.
refugee camp

What Happened on a Design Student’s Quest to Help a Refugee Camp

For the first few hours in the camp, I was scoping out potential design related modifications to make the refugees’ stay more… adequate? I had come expecting to experience a eureka moment: “I’m going to make this camp so much better, good Design will solve the refugee crisis!”. Boy was I wrong.

The Motherhood Diaries: 6 Tips for Holidaying with a Baby

Recently, my husband and I undertook a major challenge. Now, just for context, you should know that we have both climbed some serious mountains in our time. Yet nothing prepared us for what we did last month. We went on holiday with our baby.