5 Amazing Apps to Help Keep You Organized

5 Amazing Apps to Help Keep You Organized

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Women on the go are multitaskers and appreciate all the help they can get to organize their busy lives. In today’s world, apps can make a big difference in gathering information, facilitating jobs and saving time. With a zillion apps on the market, which to choose and how to use? INSPIRELLE helps you sort through the clutter with our 5 top smart app picks to help you organise everything from your receipts and projects to your wine collection.

For planning just about anything…

TRELLO (ios and Android)

Trello is our favourite go-to app for planning just about anything for yourself or with a team. It’s a visual tool that empowers you to manage any type of project, workflow or task tracking using a system of intuitive boards and lists which you can synchronise across your mobile phone, computer and tablet. We use it to plot out everything from our daily to do list to team projects, travel plans, events, dinners and even to create shareable press kits. The free version is powerful enough for most people, but you can also pay for additional “power ups” that increases its features and security for bigger teams to collaborate.

For scanning on the go…

EVERNOTE SCANNABLE (iOS)  scannable-app

Need to scan a receipt or your ID while you’re on the run? Evernote’s Scannable app works like a scanner built into your iphone… Anything it sees, it focuses and captures the image. You don’t even need to press a shutter button. After you take the picture, you can transfer it to Evernote, share it via email or other iOS apps. And, if it’s a business card, Scannable even gives you the option of adding it into LinkedIn. And all this happens in a few seconds. We’ve even considered ditching our desktop scanner!

For organizing your online reading…

POCKET (Android, iOS)pocket-app

Too many interesting articles to read and links to follow when you need to be doing something else? Well, now you can “Pocket” them for later. This nifty offline reading app acts like a digital bookmark, allowing you to select and save articles, photos or videos to view later. You can also tag everything you save, so you can group them in your own customized categories. And as an added plus – all the bookmarks can be synced across your smartphone, tablet and desktop if you install the app on those devices.

For getting around your city…


Running late? Lost in the Paris subway system? Citymapper logoCitymapper is a well designed, efficient app that will be your new best companion for planning your travel route. It not only shows you the time it will take to reach your destination by foot/public transportation/carshare or cab, it also shows the cost of each option. And if you take the Metro, it will show you the best wagons to board and the best exits to get you closer to your destination from every station on your route. It even works in most major cities around Europe, the US and Canada, and a few major cities Asia and other continents.

For sorting out your wine collection!

VIVINO (Android, iOS)vivino-app

If you love to unwind with wine, you’ll love Vinvino! We are in Paris, after all, so we had to choose something for wine lovers! Ever had a great bottle of wine, but couldn’t remember its name the day after? Well, the Vivino app has you covered. Just snap a photo of the bottle’s label with your smartphone and Vivino will  save that picture for your next visit, and find that wine in its vast database. You’ll get information on market price, industry ratings and reviews. It’s a fantastic way to try different wines and see what other people thought about that vintage. It’s also great fun to ask the waiter why the restaurant price for that bottle of Beaujolais you just ordered is so much higher than the market price.



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