7 Fabulously Fun Hair, Nail and Beauty Apps to Play With

7 Fabulously Fun Hair, Nail and Beauty Apps to Play With

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Wish you could try a makeover, change your hairstyle or test a trendy nail color without facing the critics or wasting your money? These days, women can have all the fun they want playing with makeup, haircuts and nail polish with the innovative beauty apps available.

So, let’s play! Transform your look, find cheaper brand alternatives, test colors and styles to match your outfits. Many apps today allow you to take a selfie of yourself and see what works on you. We’ve even found an app to help keep you healthy and beautiful!

Here are INSPIRELLE’s 7 favorite beauty apps for you to discover and enjoy with girlfriends!

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L’Oréal’s “Makeup Genius” 

L’Oreal’s Beauty App “Makeup Genius” is like getting an instant beauty makeover at the push of a button. Instead of going to the makeup counter, the app allows you to use your front-facing camera to virtually try on a range of makeup looks and L’Oréal products instantaneously.

How it works: Simply calibrate your face within the application, then select from amongst a range of L’Oréal products — eyeliners, lipsticks, mascaras and foundations in an array of colors and customized looks — to see what they would look like when applied to your face. The app works in real-time to provide the most realistic representation possible, so you can see how that latest cat-eye style will look on you from all angles and perspectives. You can also scan the newest products to try on while at the store before you buy them. Once you have chosen your favorite products, you can purchase them directly from the app. A complete lifesaver for any beauty junkie!

beauty appsMisfit

Beyond hair and makeup, one of the secrets to feeling beautiful is leading a healthy lifestyle. We all know the drill: get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet. But in reality, this a lot easier said than done. The Misfit app has everything you need to help you keep these things in check: it has a step, calories and distance calculator to track your exercise levels, an automatic sleep monitor, and even a daily food journal.

How it works: To use, attach the activity monitor on your wrist as a watch or bracelet, as a pendant, or just slide it into your pocket. Then, sync it with your smartphone to monitor your activity and set goals for yourself to get you feeling your best. The monitor’s sleek, elegant design is suited for every kind of lifestyle, from the committed athlete to the die-hard fashionista. Misfit even has collaboration with Swarovski crystals featuring a beautiful collection of watches, pendants and wristbands, which you would never guess double as an activity tracker. The perfect way to get you shining both on the inside and out!

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Sephora to Go

The Sephora To Go app is like having a Sephora personal beauty assistant with you at all times. The app has everything from a mobile shopping platform complete with customer reviews and product information, to Daily “Beauty Obsessions” and makeup tutorials.

How it works: In the “Virtual Artist” section, you can try on different products and then purchase them directly from within the app. The “Inspiration” section offers hair and make up ideas complete with step-by-step videos to replicate the looks. What’s more, the app is highly customized so the more you use it, the more useful it becomes! The system integrates your own Sephora Beauty insider information and loyalty card to give you personalized beauty recommendations, and offer you exclusive mobile-only sales and discounts on your favorite products. We love this app for its seamless transition from traditional store to e-commerce!

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Super Duper

For paw-obsessed beauty junkies who are on a budget – especially students – or those who simply can’t afford the luxury of heading to the spa every week or spend $20 on designer nail polish, this app allows you to find Drug Store dupes for high-end nail polish.

How it works: For every high-end hue from Yves Saint Laurent to Chanel and Christian Louboutin, this app will find you the affordable equivalent from for a fraction of the cost from brands such as Maybelline and Revlon. The polish may not come with the same fancy packaging that you would find at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store, but it certainly has the same color inside, which is all that really matters! 

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ModiFace Hair Studio

The Modiface “Hair Studio” is especially useful for those who are tempted to try out different hairstyles but don’t want to run the risk of having a complete hair disaster! The app allows you to try on a range of hair colors, styles and textures to see how they would look on you before heading to the salon.

How it works: Simply take a selfie with your smartphone and use the app to experiment with a range of colors and styles. You even have the option of adding highlights, volumizing, re-shaping and adding accessories. The app comes in a diverse range of colors so you can experiment with everything from natural shades to fluorescent pink – all without the commitment.

beauty apps.Yoobo

Another great app for the busy working girl is “Yoobo”- a favorite of all the major fashion magazines such as Glamour and Elle. Yoobo is a platform which allows you to make reservations for almost every kind of beauty treatment available – from highlights and perms to facials, waxes, massages and manicures – all within the comfort of your own home. Avoid the hassle of waiting for hours at a beauty salon or letting your eyebrows grow out for weeks before you can get a reservation!

How it works: Yooboo allows you to select the type of treatment you are looking for, choose the beauty professional available based upon your location, and set a date and time for your appointment at your own convenience. The perfect app to simplify your life and keep you looking your best!

beauty appsShadeScout

Have you ever spotted a perfect pink rose and thought “if only I could find a lipstick that color”? Well now you can! With ShadeScout, snap a pic of any shade you like – on a pillow, in a painting, at the patisserie – and the app will instantly find a makeup match for you from a variety of brands and price points.

How it works: Use your camera to try on the makeup, then snap pictures and share with your friends. You can save your favorite products for later or make purchase from Sephora directly from the app. Gone are the days of endlessly testing lipsticks on the inside of your arm to find just the right shade – ShadeScout does all the hard work for you!



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