9 Recipes for the Perfect, Festive Holiday Dinner

9 Recipes for the Perfect, Festive Holiday Dinner

Christmas dinner

Everyone should prepare a special dinner for the family at least once in their lifetime. In our home, the most special family dinners include the stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

In France, the Christmas Eve Réveillon is a special evening to get dressed up and enjoy several courses of fine dining. We’ve replaced the traditional French goose with a traditional stuffed turkey, much to the initial chagrin of my French family. That is, until they tasted the tender, juicy stuffed turkey with all the traditional side dishes. Round that off with French champagne, foie gras, a cheese platter and chocolate mousse for dessert and well, you have the ultimate festive dinner.

Here are my favorite recipes from kitchens on both sides of the pond, combined to celebrate everyone’s taste buds and traditions!

Festive Dinner Menu

Roula’s Perfect Holiday Eggnog

eggnog recipe

Whip up this fail-proof delicious eggnog recipe and welcome your guests with a delicious glass of holiday cheer! GET THE RECIPE

Alexis’ Fabulous Homemade Foie Gras à L’Armagnac

foie gras

This traditional French recipe for foie gras with Armagnac is surprisingly simple to make, yet so delicious, it’s developed a reputation amongst our family and friends as being out of this world. GET THE RECIPE

Bill’s Gobbly Good Turkey

Roast Turkey

Bill is the master chef in our family and has taught each of us how to prepare a perfect juicy tender turkey for those special holiday dinners. He makes it look so easy and fun! GET THE RECIPE

Niki’s Super Turkey Stuffing

turkey stuffing

Somehow, no roast turkey dinner seems complete without a savory stuffing to go with it. Here’s a scrumptious homemade turkey stuffing recipe that leaves a lot of room for self expression. GET THE RECIPE

Grace’s Spiced Candied Maple Yams

candied yams

This simple to prepare but delectable, spiced up sweet potato side dish will have your guests asking for more. GET THE RECIPE

Glazed Bacon and Green Bean Bundles

bacon green bean bundlesBeautiful, brightly-colored green beans, or haricots verts, are jazzed up with bacon strips for an ideal festive side dish. GET THE RECIPE

Madeleine’s Chestnut Puree (Purée de Châtaignes)

Chestnut puree

Here’s a simple recipe for chestnut purée, or purée de châtaignes, to serve as a side dish or use in other recipes. GET THE RECIPE

Super Easy Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce recipe

Every turkey dinner deserves a sweet and tangy cranberry sauce accompaniment. Try this super-easy recipe and you’ll never go for a canned sauce again. GET THE RECIPE

Decadent Vegan Chocolate Mousse

vegan chocolate mousseThis decadent yet light mousse au chocolat is the perfect dairy-free chocolate dessert to end your festive dinner! GET THE RECIPE

For a non-vegan version of this classic French dessert, check out Maria’s Marvelous Mousse au Chocolate recipe!



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