9 Tried and True Paris Food Delivery Services

9 Tried and True Paris Food Delivery Services

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Raise your hand if you’re too busy or too tired to cook dinner tonight! Panique pas, it’s INSPIRELLE to the rescue! We’ve compiled a list of tried and true food delivery services in Paris that bring tasty, steaming hot food to your front door in reasonable time. For those who live outside of the city, don’t fret, we’ve thought of you too.

Our writers have selected food delivery services based on choice, quality and speed. Keep the list handy and you won’t have to worry about cooking when you don’t have time or don’t want to.

(Strange that all the French delivery services use English-derived names to get you to order!)

Logo courtesy of www.Deliveroo.fr


This bike-peddling delivery service has one mega mission: “To bring the world’s local restaurants into everyone’s home or office – fast.” Deliveroo has a huge selection of top quality food from a long list of restaurants to cater to all palates – from sushi and burgers to gluten-free patisseries and empananadas. Order from their website or delivery app on your smartphone, pay online and sit back with a glass of wine while you wait for your order to arrive at the front door.

  • € 2,50 delivery fee
  • Delivery every day from 12pm – 11pm
  • Average order takes 32 minutes to deliver
  • Possibility of delivering to the office
Logo courtesy of www.Foodora.fr


INSPIRELLE highly recommends Foodora for its excellent restaurant choices, which varies depending on the area you live in. If you know your arrondissment has a great selection of local eateries, then you’re in luck! Download their free app and order online from Paris’ popular French restaurants or tastiest ethnic establishments such as Bolly Nan, Panda Noodle or Schwartz’s Deli. The bike courier service is quick and reliable.

  • Delivery fee of €2,50 per order
  • Welcomes large orders for office luncheons
  • Delivery in under 30 minutes
Logo courtesy of www.Resto-in.fr


This is another popular restaurant delivery service that has paired up with major chains like Popelini, Sushi Shop, Boco and La Patisserie des Rêves. Choose your food from a range of restaurants to suit all tastes (French, American and ethnic restaurants) and diets (gluten-free bakeries) through their website or mobile app. You can follow the delivery in real time to your door, and then evaluate the process so that they know what to improve for next time. Resto-in also offers a variety of other goodies: chocolatiers and boutiques specializing in macaroons, cheese and pastries from establishments such as Angelina’s and Arnaud Demontel. You can even order breakfast or brunch from Breakfast in America.

  • Minimum of €15,00 per order for deliveries in Paris. Delivery fees vary depending upon distance from restaurant
  • Delivery to homes and offices in under 45 minutes, average delivery time 29 minutes
  • Also available in Lyon, Brussels, Marseille, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Hamburg
Logo courtesy of www.ubereats.com


How does it work? Download the UberEats app and choose amongst 100 restaurants partnered with the delivery service. Delivered by drivers instead of bike couriers, they claim delivery time in less than 10 minutes! Now that’s Uber fast service. INSPIRELLE recommends UberEats for lunchtime deliveries. They promote the Option Instantanée – this unique feature offers a selection of 4 meals, which cost 8-12 euros, and can be delivered in lickety-split time. This option is available from Monday to Friday, 11:30am – 2:30pm, and only within certain arrondissements.

  • Delivery fee of €2,50 per order
  • Lunch hours: Monday to Friday 11:30 to 2:30 pm
  • Available from 11am – 11pm from Monday to Sunday, everywhere in Paris.
Logo courtesy of www.Planetsushi.fr


There are plenty of on-the-go Japanese restaurants these days in Paris, but for sushi lovers, Planet Sushi offers the most tantalizing selection of fresh fish and innovative dishes. A highly varied menu offers lunch options, bento boxes, special offers and a seasonal menu. Or try new and inventive takes on classic sushi, such as the Black Collection of sushi made with black rice, or Italian, Brazilian and even Mexican inspired Maki rolls. Order online and earn bonus points. Benefit from special offers with the Planet Sushi fidelity card, which can be put towards future purchases. This sushi delivery is a bit pricier than other sushi food services, but worth it for its freshness.

  • Delivery available 7 days a week
  • Available for take-out, delivery and dining across a number of locations in and around Paris
Logo courtesy of www.sushishop.fr


A leader in sushi-delivery and take-away, Sushi Shop delivers to your office or home. It was founded in 1998 by Frenchman Grégory Marciano, who after spending time in California, wanted to introduce California-style sushi to France and opened the first boutique west of Paris. Marciano was the first delivery boy on his scooter! Today, take-out, delivery and dining is available in over 80 locations within the largest cities in France and abroad (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain). Order online from an affordable range of lunch boxes, sushi boxes, and seasonal rolls.

  • Fidelity Card : Fidelité Come in offers special offers and promotions, 5% reductions for take-away orders
Logo courtesy of www.pinkflamingo.com


Founded in 2003 by Jamie Young and Marie Ravel, who spent time in the Western U.S.A, Pink Flamingo Pizza is the pioneer of pizza delivery service in Paris. After all these years in business, it continues to offer gourmet, home-made, thin crust pizzas with high quality ingredients such as organic flour, extra virgin olive oil and Guérande salt. They offer fun, inventive and internationally inspired pizzas you won’t find anywhere else like Le Basquiat, with gorgonzola, figs, fresh ham and parsley. Order online or by phone and have a bike courier deliver your hot pizzas to your door.

  • Number of locations across Paris: 10th, 12th, 3rd and 18th arrondissements. Delivery available within specific regions depending on which arrondissement you are ordering from. See website for details.
Logo courtesy of www.samaya.fr


Got a big crowd coming over for dinner à la franquette? Treat your guests to a buffet table of delicious Lebanese mezzes (Middle Eastern tapas), grilled brochettes and traditional sweets. Samaya offers an amazing selection of dishes, packaging them into plats, menus and formules, depending on your budget and appetite. With such a wide choice, individuals can order degustation plates with up to seven dips, salads, beignets and meats. For parties of 10 and more, indulge in the buffet formulas with 10 varieties of mezzes, two meat brochettes plus dessert. The tasty food is well prepared, reasonably priced and offers a change in dining tastes.

  • Food delivery service available for southwestern Paris suburbs: Boulogne Billancourt, Sèvres, Meudon
  • Traiteur and Catering offered
  • You can even order Lebanese wine
Logo courtesy of www.ParisPicnic.com


How about food delivery to your favorite Parisian park? The concept behind Paris Picnic was as an idea between friends picnicking in the city of light. They cleverly partnered with quality food and wine producers around France to create unique picnic packages to be delivered. Select between several different packages: Le Classique, which includes wine, baguette, cheese, charcuterie, chips, seasonal fruit, mineral water and dessert (32€ for 2 people); or opt for Le Chic, which includes everything in the Classic formula plus champagne, foie gras, and macaroons (up to 57,50€ per person). The picnics have everything you need, including a cotton blanket, utensils, and a large selection of fresh foods – most of which are sourced from artisanal and organic sources.

  • Free delivery between 12 pm and 4pm every day, apart from Wednesday and Thursday.
  • You also have the option of customizing your basket with a selection of wines and champagne, flowers, a photo shoot and even a surprise set up
  • Delivery confirmed at the following location: Jardins du Trocadéro, Tuileries Gardens, and the Luxembourg gardens. For other delivery locations, you need to inquire whether it is possible.




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