A French Women’s Guide to Celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day

A French Women’s Guide to Celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine's Day

Tips from Savoir-vivre coach Marie de Tilly on French attitudes, behavior and etiquette.

Did you know that holiday of Saint Valentin, the patron of lovers, is originally French? Mais, oui! This celebratory day of love was officialized by Pope Alexander V1 in 1496. As far back as the 14th century, the French organized festivals on Saint Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, which encouraged singles to find a partner for life. These village merrymakings offered games of hide-and-seek where a single girl would hide in the hopes of a single man finding her and declaring her the woman of his dreams.

For the French, every day can feel like Valentine’s Day, but on this special day French women are encouraged to drop inhibitions and take a few risks.

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On a day such as this, anything is possible, everything is allowed, and existing barriers should be overcome with grace, lightness and serious intent. In other words, Sant Valentin’s Day means SEDUCTION, and oh, how the French love to seduce.

No matter her age, there are no limits to the imagination as long as it feels natural.

For Valentine’s Day is one of those beautiful days when a French woman rises up to the challenge.

To cross gracefully into this new, adventurous frame of mind, we need to transform ourselves into the heroine of “9½ Weeks”, one of the most erotic films of the past 30 years. In other words, we become erotic or sexy, but never vulgar. For the French, eroticism is an exaltation of love, a sexuality that is found in classical literature throughout time, Baudelaire having elevated it to poetic heights.

Being sexy means oozing sex appeal to become more attractive and engaging; it’s more a state of mind, a self-confidence. Having delineated the ideas of eroticism and sexy behavior, the most difficult will be to play it with finesse and especially with “class” when seducing your partner on V-day.

Expressing desire is not hard. Follow my simple advice for a “Sexy Valentine’s Day”, which translates into a “Successful Valentine’s Day”.

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Spice up your outfit 

Stand out in color, dare to wear red that will electrify your partner. Show off your legs if they are shapely (fishnet tights), reveal the cleavage (just a hint), wear grown-up shoes. Stand upright, raise your head, be proud of the love that you exude for your partner.

The face says it all

The color red as I mentioned is the color of love. Now take out your tube of lipstick, and brighten your lips plus add a hint of color to the cheeks for a healthy, sexy glow. Feeling brave? A well-designed eye liner can intensify the look…and your intentions. Yes, the make-up is more pronounced than for an ordinary evening, but you must remain light, natural.

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Pillow talk

Your conversation has to match your outfit: sexy but neither vulgar nor ordinary. Be careful with your choice of words, plan something original for the evening, and use the element of surprise.

Lastly, but my most important advice…

Enjoy what you’re doing

Don’t forget to smile to keep him guessing about his Valentine Day’s surprise.

Whether in the office, during the evening, or in any circumstance of your life, be stylish but true to yourself. Elegance is what lasts, it’s what your partner will appreciate and his Saint Valentin’s gift will be a cherished memory.

Born into one of the oldest families in France, Marie de Tilly originates from Normandy where the Tillys fought for their King since the Middle Ages. Marie’s father, a diplomat, instilled strong traditional values in his children while exposing them to new cultures. After raising a large family, Marie joined the school of Savoir Vivre to teach the fine art of French living to both Parisians and foreigners. Very quickly, she created her own company offering personalized lessons in French etiquette and elegance. Marie insists it’s not only good manners that make the difference. She specializes in helping people learn to interact, express themselves properly and understand the French culture. She loves offering customized lessons and travels extensively to train business groups.



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