An Open Letter to Melania and Ivanka Trump

An Open Letter to Melania and Ivanka Trump

Melania and Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump with his family Nov. 9, 2017 following his presidential election win. © IvankaTrump/Instagram

Chère Melania,
Chère Ivanka,

As mothers, wives and women, both American and non-American living abroad, we write to both of you respectfully as Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States.

We turn to you both with the strongest and most sincere hopes that you will listen to our words, and our heartfelt concerns for the future of our families and children.

After a vicious and visceral election campaign with no clear signs on how to heal a divided America, we hope that you as women will use your influence to make a difference in your new roles in the White House.

Melania and Donald Trump at Republican Convention. July 21, 2016 © Flickr


On SOCIAL MEDIA BULLYING, Melania, you have already publicly stated that you want to concentrate on how to stop cyberbullying. We hear you loud and clear and wholeheartedly encourage and support your efforts. Please do help denounce intimidating Twitter posts, eradicate the spread of reckless fake news, and fight against the propagation of conspiracy theories that create scaremongering. You’re absolutely right to speak out on all forms of condescending bullying aimed at putting people in their place. We, as women, need to set an example and teach our children to become better people.

Protecting our ENVIRONMENT is a priority for us. In our everyday actions, women pay more attention to using non-polluting products, avoiding pesticides, separating garbage and considering organic food. Is it true Ivanka, that you too have expressed interested in learning more about the impact of climate change on our daily lives? Is that why you met with Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio? As international women living and working in Paris, we witnessed the signing of COP21 by more than 160 countries last year. We were privy to daily global coverage showing the importance of reducing carbon emissions to avoid a dangerous, polluted world for future generations. Share with us, Ivanka, how you will teach your small children to work towards a cleaner world.

Ivanka Trump with husband Jared Kushner & their three children. January 2, 2016 © IvankaTrump/Instagram


Do you worry about PUBLIC SAFETY too? Living in France, we have sadly witnessed firsthand how dangerous and unstable this world is today. Funny, once you live outside of America, you can’t help but be more conscious of what’s happening in neighboring European countries, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia because we live in the heart of the geography. You see how each country’s words and actions impact another. Please don’t let men dismiss the importance of diplomacy, the seriousness of war or the tragedy of neglect.

TRUST. It’s so hard for the average person to understand what is real or not anymore. How did it become acceptable overnight to sow the seed of doubt at every opportunity? When did it become necessary to prove things were true rather than prove they were lies? If we can’t trust the institutions, and the men and women who are supposed to protect us, then who and what can we believe in? How do we as women protect our families from this growing vulnerability? Who will represent our voices to ensure that affordable childcare, responsible planned parenting and job parity remain important issues?

Words matter. Actions matter. As America’s First Lady and First daughter, you both will be important role models for our children and us. INSPIRE us as only women can do, engage in causes that CONNECT our communities and EMPOWER women to stand up and be respected with your words and actions.

Please don’t remain silent. And most importantly, seize this valuable opportunity to instill hope in those who feel decency has lost its way in this aggressive and uncertain world.





women's march in ParisOn January 21, join in the global movement to defend human rights against the incitement of hate and discrimination of all types, in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington.

This march is open to women and men, and every person in the world is welcome.

Start: 2pm, Trocadéro – Human Rights Square
March route: Trocadéro, Iéna Bridge, Wall of Peace
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  1. Bravo Inspirelle. More political views (rhetoric) please! A little something to help that last sip of coffee linger in the roof of your mouth before you head out! Time to get out from behind the polling booths.
    Takes two to have division. Takes two to bring that division to understanding. Inspire a conversation that is much needed from all sides.

  2. I agree, don’t single out Melania and Ivanka Trump. All women and men in this world should be champions of equality for women, something I have not seen any administration make as a focus. Let’s stop all this divisive rhetoric on all sides and come together. Quit focusing on the negative and focus on the positive! I read Inspirelle for fashion, culture, and style, not political rhetoric. Let’s see some articles about Melania and Ivanka’s great style!

  3. Why didn’t you send this same request to Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton – Women’s rights?
    What did Hillary and Michelle do about the countless Muslim women who are institutionally exploited around the orld.
    Safety – what did Michelle and Hillary do about the THOUSANDS of poor blacks being murdered in Chicago for the past 8 years (Obama’s home Town).
    Your outrage and concern are very “Selective”.
    Wory less about what Trump says and measure the performance, not the performer.
    Lastly – I subscribe to your blog for culture and fashion not politics – start a new political blog and leave this to what i think you do best.

  4. What planet are you living on? Ivanka has been a champion for childcare during this election. Donald has reached out to more real community leaders before the inauguration than Obama in his 8 years. The news that you say are lies are mostly directed at Trump and his supporters. It is true that Hillary Clinton raised money for personal gain while Secretary of State. It is true that the DNC manipulated the primary to make Hillary the victor, it is true that Hillary Clinton and her staff used a private server that led to her staff being hacked and as a result leaking classified information, it is true that the media has tried to cover for he democratic nominee, it is true that those who supported Trump have been bullied into silence. That is why the elections was a shock to the world. There were millions who felt bullied into silence but were able to speak in the privacy of the voting booth.


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