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Genevieve Spicer

Born to a French mother and a Canadian father, Geneviève is the founder of - “your gentle guide to Paris”. Created with her “senior advisor”, Keith Spicer, her 80 year-old father and long-time resident of Paris, PFS is not only for senior visitors, but also for the mobility challenged and anyone just needing a helping hand navigating the world’s most beautiful - but not most accessible - city. With her team of caring and knowledgeable local guides and drivers, Geneviève prepares visitors traveling to Paris before they leave the comfort of home; providing custom itinerary planning –including specialty trips such as inter-generational and milestone travel. Before Paris, Geneviève and her family lived in Japan, Indonesia and Canada. She is also an established bilingual voice over actress and multimedia producer-creating her site’s tutorial videos for seniors.