Beauty & Spa

Beauty & Spa

La Parisienne and Le New Yorkaise on Girlfriends, Beauty Rituals and New Beginnings

It’s easy to think of beauty in terms of how you look, measured by clothes, wrinkles and pounds. The funny thing is the most beautiful people I know don’t worry much about those things...

Thalassotherapy by the Sea in Brittany: Why You’ll Love It

Would I like to try “thalossotherapy”? When a friend with a family apartment in the Brittany resort of La Baule invited me to a thalasso weekend, I must admit there was something about the concept that was so foreign to me that I found it intimidating. Luckily, it turns out, La Baule – a beachside resort - was the perfect place for my introduction to thalassotherapy.

7 Fabulously Fun Hair, Nail and Beauty Apps to Play With

Let's play! Change your look, find cheaper brand alternatives, test colors and styles to match your outfits; the innovative apps today allow you to take a selfie and see what works on you.
hair bar in Paris

Get Fabulous 15-Minute Holiday Hairstyles at Hair Bars in Paris

Just in time for the holidays, we tested one of the hair bars in Paris which can transform your look for a festive occasion or anytime you need a makeover in just 15 minutes.
home beauty services

6 Ways to Indulge Yourself With Home Beauty Services in Paris

Self-care is a necessary part of a balanced life. Treat yourself and save time with these home beauty services that bring the pampering to you.
DS Pedicure feet

A Perfect Sunday Pedicure in Paris

All the shops along rue de Passy in the classy 16th arrondissement in Paris were closed but there was DS…Institut de Beauté, nestled between two stores, with its glass front window for all to see that the petite nail bar was open for beauty business.
Yuzuka Paris

Unwind with a Japanese Massage at Yuzuka in Paris

When we’re looking for an excellent massage and a moment of zen, Yuzuka is our go-to place.
Free Persephone spa

Rejuvenate Yourself at Paris’ First Fragrance Day Spa

American fragrance specialist Lauren Creecy brings a touch of eternal spring to Paris with her Free Persephone Fragrance Day Spa – a unique escape to indulge yourself, relax, and connect with friends.
Mother Daughter Activities

8 of the Most Delightful Mother-Daughter Activities in Paris

Just in time for Mother's Day, INSPIRELLE has prepared a list of special activities in and near Paris just for mothers and daughters to enjoy quality time together.