dating inspiration

TV Women for Dating Inspiration: It’s Still Sylvie in Paris

An American writer working and dating in Paris looks for inspiration in her favorite character from Emily in Paris.
French cinema in English

LOST IN FRENCHLATION: How to Watch the Best of French Cinema with English Subtitles

Learn how this genius idea is helping lovers of French films who aren't fluent in the language enjoy the best current movies and meet and mingle with filmmakers, actors and other cinephiles.
Paris Eiffel Towere

Paris 2023: Exciting Opportunities, Events and Changes to Watch Out For

Get a jumpstart on volunteering for the Paris 2024 Olympics, experience the landscape changes in the city and enjoy the tax benefits and exciting new exhibitions in 2023.
attraction of Paris

The Magnetic Attraction of Paris that Keeps Pulling Me Back

After several visits to Paris, a young American is smitten with the city of light, life and love and explains why this foreign city feels like home.
in the city of Paris

A Special Look “In the City” of Paris with Photographer Alexis Duclos

Discover another side of Paris with award-winning French photographer Alexis Duclos with his new collection of images from "In the City".
dinner for one

Dinner for One in Paris: When Exhilarating Love Becomes Excruciating Pain

A New-Yorker moves to Paris for love, but when the fairytale romance falls apart, she saves herself by making dinner for one.
paris seasons

Memories of Paris by Seasons: How the City of Light is a City of Life

A Canadian author writes about her love affair with Paris through the seasons as a teenager, young adult and now married woman and mother.
Red Wheelbarrow

The Red Wheelbarrow: A Booklover’s Haven in Paris Needs Your Support

The women behind the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore in Paris share what makes them so special to readers and their plans for the future.