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Fashion & Style

Meet Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas: A Jewelry Designer Inspired by Nature

French designer Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas has created a line of timeless botanical fine jewelry inspired by the flowers and plants in her garden.

Carton d’invitation: An Expat’s Exclusive Look Inside the Paris Fashion Scene

A former expat and fashion journalist reveals how she used her backstage pass to capture the Paris fashion scene—with its legendary designers and supermodels—during its most exciting era.

A Young Person’s Guide to Second-Hand Shopping Online

A young person offers her tips and tricks for second-hand shopping online that is easier on the wallet and the planet.

Paris Granny Style: Les Mamies Flaunt their Fearless Fashion

This season, some of the most stylish Parisians turning heads are French mamies. An American expat with a critical eye notes that grannies in Paris are the fashionistas.

Let’s Talk About Diamonds with Gemmologist Jérôme Jabès

Diamonds have dazzled everyone from engaged couples to royalty for centuries. But, what exactly makes them so valuable and highly coveted? We spoke to diamond expert Jérôme Jabès to find out...

How to Find the Perfect Pre-Owned Designer Handbag in Paris

An experienced shopping consultant shares her tips on how to choose and where to find that vintage luxury handbag you have been searching for.

A Fashionable New Yorker Follows her Dream of Paris to a New Life and Career

A designer follows her dream of living in Paris to a new career combining her love of handbags, ethical fashion and sharing her discoveries.

Secrets to Creating French Luxury Style with Second-hand Clothing

A sustainable stylist shares her secret to building a designer wardrobe by embracing luxury second-hand clothing from dépot-vente boutiques in Paris.

Emily in Paris: It’s Not Emily Teaching Us a Thing or Two About Paris

Everyone is talking about the new Netflix series Emily in Paris. A real American expat in France offers her take on the true star of the show.

Is Covid Revamping Fashion and the Way We Dress and Shop?

A fashion changemaker in Paris shows how the Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized our fashion habits for a smarter, more sensible and sustainable look.