Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

A No-nonsense Nutritionist in Paris on Why the Mediterranean Diet Works

Our no-nonsense nutritionist explains why the Mediterranean diet is consistently ranked number one while benefitting both our health and the environment.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Myths versus Reality  

Three wellness experts discuss the importance of finding safe spaces to talk about sex and the myths versus reality of women's changing bodies and minds.

Paris Bed Bug Buzz: An American Mom Hit Twice Says Don’t Panic

Having confronted bed bugs twice in her Paris homes, an American mom got smart and learned how to evict these unwanted occupants.

Paris Women’s Talk: Navigating Perimenopause & Beyond

A wellness coach recounts her experiences navigating perimenopause and affirms her belief that the decade to come may be the best yet.

Choosing to “Celebrate” the Perimenopause and Menopause Experience

A wellness coach advocates for talking more openly and learning to celebrate the perimenopause and menopause life stages.

6 Top Healthy Habits to Steal from the French

A dietician describes the ways the French cultivate a healthy relationship with food and offers her top tips to boost your wellness.

Why You Should NOT Eat Like a Parisienne to Look Good and Feel Great

A dietician in Paris says Parisian clichés of how French women don't gain weight can actually interfere with your long-term health goals.

Tree Time Experiment in Paris: A Mindful Nature Pause in Difficult Times

A health and wellness coach teaches us how to handle stress in urban settings by taking nature walks and finding your favorite tree.

Octobre Rose 2023: How to Support Breast Cancer Awareness in Paris

Octobre Rose (Pink October) offers plenty of opportunities for you to support breast cancer awareness in Paris.

Meet Karine Bienfait: An Aspiring Ballerina’s Fall and Rise as a GYROTONIC® Coach

A former ballerina shares her story on how an injury before exams at the Opera in Paris shattered her dreams and changed the course of her life.