gyrotonic coach

Meet Karine Bienfait: An Aspiring Ballerina’s Fall and Rise as a GYROTONIC® Coach

A former ballerina shares her story on how an injury before exams at the Opera in Paris shattered her dreams and changed the course of her life.
The Queen

The Queen is Gone: What do Brits in France Have to Look Forward to?

A British expat in Paris reflects on the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II and how her death will change Britain.
bake bagels

Meet Céline Tran: Leaving Corporate Law to BAKE the Best Bagels in Paris

Discover how a young corporate lawyer decided to pursue her passion, and open up her own bake shop in Paris known for its delicious bagels.
dinner for one

Dinner for One in Paris: When Exhilarating Love Becomes Excruciating Pain

A New-Yorker moves to Paris for love, but when the fairytale romance falls apart, she saves herself by making dinner for one.

Meet Oliver Gee and Lina Nordin Gee: Discovering Paris with Joy, Curiosity, and Fun!

Oliver Gee and Lina Nordin Gee take a break from their busy lives to discuss their creative process and what they love about exploring Paris.
parisian at heart

Meet Ana Galeli: A Parisian at Heart Who Found Her Voice in the City of Light

A young Brazilian woman draws her inspiration from Parisians and the city she now calls home as she pursues her studies and music career.
crypto coins and app

Decrypting the World of Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs with Trang Le Bozon

What are blockchain, crypto, and NFTs and why should you care? We deep dive into these disruptive technologies and their impact with blockchain advisor Trang Le Bozon.
Gia de Cadenet

American Author Gia de Cadenet Shares Insights on Living in France and the Publication of Her First Novel

American author Gia de Cadenet shares insights on pursuing her lifelong dream to live in France and publishing her first novel.
Sacha Lajer-hypnotherapist in Paris

Meet Sacha Lajer: a Hypnotherapist Debunking Myths and Transforming Lives in Paris

Longtime expat and certified hypnotherapist Sacha Lajer explains how hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to transform your life.
Josephine Baker

10 Reasons Why Josephine Baker Belongs in the Pantheon

France's hall of greatness celebrates iconic entertainer and activist Josephine Baker for her lifelong dedication to making the world a better place for all.