dating inspiration

TV Women for Dating Inspiration: It’s Still Sylvie in Paris

An American writer working and dating in Paris looks for inspiration in her favorite character from Emily in Paris.
Paris Eiffel Towere

Paris 2023: Exciting Opportunities, Events and Changes to Watch Out For

Get a jumpstart on volunteering for the Paris 2024 Olympics, experience the landscape changes in the city and enjoy the tax benefits and exciting new exhibitions in 2023.
Iranian women's movement

Simone de Beauvoir 2023 Prize for Iranian Movement “Women, Life and Freedom!”

The movement for Iranian women’s freedom, which has resonated around the world, will receive a prestigious recognition in Paris next week.
Christmas in Paris

INSPIRELLE’s Ultimate Guide to Christmas 2022 in Paris

Christmas in Paris is a magical time packed with activities! But where to start? INSPIRELLE has curated some seasonal must-sees to make it easier for you!
paris granny style

Paris Granny Style: Les Mamies Flaunt their Fearless Fashion

This season, some of the most stylish Parisians turning heads are French mamies. An American expat with a critical eye notes that grannies in Paris are the fashionistas.
attraction of Paris

The Magnetic Attraction of Paris that Keeps Pulling Me Back

After several visits to Paris, a young American is smitten with the city of light, life and love and explains why this foreign city feels like home.
Paris for seniors

Paris for Seniors: Travel Made Easier and Fun for my 84-year-old Mother

An experienced organizer of trips to Paris for Seniors discovers the joys and challenges of traveling with her own elderly mother.
Mahsa Amini

Woman, Life, Freedom! Why I Heard the Rallying Call for Mahsa Amini

A young American Iranian woman who studied in Paris says the first Iranian Women's revolution is happening now and the world is watching.
Eiffel Tower in pink for October Rose

Octobre Rose 2022: How to Support Breast Cancer Awareness in Paris

Octobre Rose (Pink October) offers plenty of opportunities for you to support breast cancer awareness in Paris.