My Closet Cleanse with Closet Guru Michelle Pozon

My Closet Cleanse with Closet Guru Michelle Pozon

Closet guru
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In one of INSPIRELLE’s latest giveaways, a lucky reader won a “closet cleanse” with Paris-based stylist Michelle Pozon. Hermione Gough, a British diplomat and new mother, shares her experience on how she found her unique fashion style in a closet cleanup.

Photo courtesy of author.
Photo courtesy of author.

I rarely enter competitions, let alone win, so it was a quite a surprise to get the email from INSPIRELLE telling me I had won a two-hour “closet cleanse” with stylist Michelle Pozon, aka the “closet guru”, I will confess that the prospect was a little intimidating, all the more so when Michelle sent me a pre-cleanse questionnaire asking me what my objectives were for my closet – not a question I’d ever posed.

In fact, the timing was perfect. Having given birth to daughter number two in September, I had recently dug out my “normal” clothes again and had been feeling distinctly uninspired. I am not a particularly snappy dresser at the best of times, but I felt further than ever from the effortless chic that Parisian women seem to achieve. How could I face opening my wardrobe to the closet guru?

Michelle set me immediately at ease when we spoke on the telephone. She wasn’t going to pass judgment, there was no one style to which we should all conform. Her philosophy is all about helping you find your own style and be true to yourself. I was still a little nervous when the day dawned, but I needn’t have been.

It was great fun and Michelle was full of encouragement. There were a few items Michelle suggested I might look out for in the shops but in the main it was all about helping me see how to make more out of the clothes and accessories I already have, trying new combinations, being more adventurous and breathing new life into old clothes, belts and pieces of jewelry I had hardly worn for years.

Michelle is a firm believer that it isn’t just the content of your closet that matters, but how the closet looks. Her most disapproving look was reserved for the hotchpotch of hangers in my wardrobe and the disordered state of my drawers. Instead of piles of folded clothes, Michelle swears by rolling t-shirts and jumpers and lining them up, ideally in color order. Not only will the contents of your drawers immediately seem much more appealing but you’ll also rediscover items that have lingered, hidden at the bottom of the pile.

Michelle’s other quick tips included being ruthless about clearing out clothes that don’t make you feel good. Quality, not quantity, counts for your closet as for so many other things in life.

Giveaway: Free closet cleanse with closet guru
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As well as various tips, Michelle left me with plenty of ideas for new outfits and, above all, a renewed sense of self-confidence. I don’t think I will ever be mistaken for a true Parisian but I shall hit the January sales this year with the best of them. Having started out a bit skeptical, I now think a closet cleanse every once in a while is a must.

Hermione Gough is a diplomat at the British Embassy in Paris, currently on maternity leave following the arrival of baby Florence in September, so with a bit more time to devote to cleansing her closet.



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