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    With the purchase of a 2h Home Consultation, get an additional Design Notes Debrief as well as a Styling Tips guide.

    About the Deal

    Cléo Interior Design is a Paris-based interior design studio that was born to help English-speaking families living in and around Paris create story-filled homes and bring art to their lives. We thrive on finding creative solutions to designing beautiful and functional spaces that enhance our clients’ quality of life.

    At Cléo Interior Design, every project begins with an initial 2h Home Consultation. This home visit can also be used as a service of its own in a one-time-only consultation.

    This exciting meeting is action-packed and tailored to your needs. You can use this time to select paint colours, talk about furniture arrangements, get advice for kitchen and bathroom renos, you name it, and we will answer it!

    INSPIRELLE Members will receive 2 post-consultation gifts:

    1. After our time spent together, Cléo will send you a tailored Design Notes Debrief which will outline in detail all that was discussed during the consultation. You will be able to hold on to it and use it as a reference to guide you during your project.

    2. Additionally, you will receive our Styling Tips, a thorough downloadable document with tips and tricks of the trade on how to style your shelves, credenza, and coffee table!

    Check our website to learn more about Cléo Interior Design and the services they offer.

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