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    International Media Training

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    Get discounted price off half-day or full day public speaking, crisis communication and media trainings.

    About the Deal

    Bilingual public speaking, media training, crisis communication training by journalists, and actors to transform your skills in a day.

    Created in 2002, IMT has provided trainers for every industry from start-ups to multinationals. We specialize in assuring clients become competent and confident in various situations such as public speaking, media interviews or handling the media in a time of crisis.

    Our team is made up of TV journalists and ex actors, actresses and voice coaches. Sessions can be one on one, or in groups of up to 6 participants. The sessions take place in the clients office, and the presentations are filmed and analyzed. Afterwards we provide a copy of the performances. With us, you will learn and enjoy !

    INSPIRELLE Insiders get a discounted price of 600€ HT for a half-day and 1000€ HT for a full day. 

    For more information, contact Barbara Gray:
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