Your Friend in Paris, Relocation Agency

    Your Friend in Paris, Relocation Agency

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    Your friend in Paris


    Get 1 free hour of consultation to help you with your French relocation, from house searching to French immigration and administration services. 

    About the Deal

    Your Friend in Paris is here to handle your relocation to Paris, from “bonjour” to “au revoir”, and everything in between.
    You fell in love with Paris and it’s our mission it stays that way! We’ve mastered the Parisian way of doing things while offering you more American customer service. Let us help you with your relocation needs with our services and resources.

    We offer full range of relocation and expat service:

    • Immigration
    • House search
    • French Administration
    • Childcare and school search
    • Business setup
    • Relocation management (Arrivals and Departures)
    INSPIRELLE premium members get a free 1-hour review and diagnostic of your situation.
    Details & contact:
    Justyna Simmons, Co-Founder

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