Discover Gluten-free Pastry in Paris Bakeries

Discover Gluten-free Pastry in Paris Bakeries

chocolate gluten-free tart from Chambelland Bakery in Paris
Photo © Geoffroy Justeau

Paris, compared to London, was a little bit slow catching on to the gluten-free food trend. It comes as no surprise, considering that Paris is the gastronomic capital of the world. The French excel in the art of eating and revel with every delicious mouthful of food. The idea of not eating certain things, especially something as delectable as a French pastry, is almost unfathomable to most French people.

However, with the ever-growing number of people deciding to forego gluten, Paris had a choice to make…and so did I. After months of feeling bloated and sick, I finally decided to explore my options. My curiosity and desire to have a healthier diet inspired me to actively seek out Paris’ hot spots that offer food and products without gluten.

The change in how I feel since deciding to forego these grains (wheat, rye, baRley and oats) has been amazing. I no longer get a stomach ache nor feel bloated and I have so much more energy than before! Best of all, giving up gluten doesn’t mean giving up great taste.

So if you feel like a change, why not check out these healthy, cool choices? Over the next few weeks INSPIRELLE will be covering each of these Parisian gluten-free places in more detail, so keep your eyes peeled!

Photo ©Helmut Newcake

Helmut Newcake
36 rue Bichat 75010 and 28 rue Vignon 75009

Enjoy a Paris pause at this modern and chic bakery, and select from delicious pastries, brioche and cookies as well as gluten-free lunch options such as quiche and pasta. Helmut Newcake also offers gluten-free products to buy such as cereal, pasta and gluten free cookbooks! Run by husband and wife team François and Marie Tagliaferro, the bakery is warm and inviting and their pastries will have you coming back for more.

Chambelland Bakery
Photo © Chloe Martin

Chambelland Boulangerie
14 rue Ternaux 75011

Here’s another hip and must visit gluten-free bakery in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Chambelland pastries are to die for and you just have to try their famous rectangular bread! They also sell jams, pasta, cookbooks and other products that any gluten- free person would be delighted to discover! There is a great breakfast menu for 8€.

Noglu gluten free Bakery
Photo © Chloe Martin

16 passage des Panoramas 75002

Noglu is a fantastic restaurant and grocery store with, you guessed it, no gluten! Drop in for a spot of lunch and enjoy soup, quiche, sandwiches, salads or pasta. If you have more of a sweet tooth you can try their delicious meringues, cookies, tarts or cheesecakes and the dessert menu doesn’t end there! You can also buy gluten-free granola, chocolate spread and honey as well as a variety of other products. Noglu is a must-try on my list of gluten-free hot spots!

Soya Gluten free Bakery
Photo © Jek Jin Woo

20 rue de la Pierre Levée 75011

Soya BIO Cantine offers a great selection of organic vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food. It has a really rustic feel with its tall windows and candles. Not everything on the menu is gluten-free but either way, after eating here you leave feeling healthy and happy!

Cafe Marlette Gluten Free
Photo © Chloe Martin

Café Marlette
51 rue des Martyrs 75009

Café Marlette is an adorable, quirky place where you can find homemade BIO food, gluten free cakes and delicious coffee. They also do incredible BIO breakfasts, brunches and lunches as well as snacks for l’heure du goûter. The atmosphere is cozy and as the cakes are cooked on site so you’ll quickly find yourself tempted to try one! A great find and somewhere you can eat cakes without feeling guilty.

If you liked this article check back in with us next week when we’ll have more information on our first gluten-free hot spot – Helmut Newcake!

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