Discover How You’re Erotically Wired

Discover How You’re Erotically Wired

Relationship & Intimacy Coach Nathalie Sommer gives her expert advice on why knowing how you’re erotically wired is key to a better sex life and relationships.

Nathalie Sommer
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Are you feeling a desire to build your confidence and own your sensual desires? Is your sex life stagnant? Do you want to experience passion again? Would you like to discover how you’re erotically wired, so you can create a clear pathway to pleasure?


Erotic Blueprint
Illustration: Tina Maria Elena


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. When I was growing up, sex wasn’t taboo in my family. My mum made it very comfortable for me to ask questions about sex and relationships. This has led me to my own sexual exploration with myself and with partners and I’ve adopted an open mind, without feeling any shame or guilt.

We are about to go on a journey of sensual discovery of how you can create deep passion, satisfaction, and connection in the bedroom.

Before we dive in deep, I’d like you to know that understanding our sexuality can be a lifelong journey, as human sexuality is not only an intense personal experience but also highly diverse, deeply complicated and can have a ripple effect on our relationships.

woman erotic blueprint
Illustration: Tina Marie Elena


To truly grasp our sensual desires, it’s important to know who we really are from the inside out. That means going on a journey of discovery that gives you the feeling of being fully nurtured, allowing you to continuously expand into your deepest desires. How we feel now, though, may evolve over the years as we find out more about ourselves and what we discover. I truly believe that when we surrender to that journey and feelings, we open ourselves up to grand love and epic sex.

Did you know that we all speak our own erotic language? Yes, we are all uniquely sensually wired, and we all have a unique pathway to arousal. It’s called A Core Erotic Blueprint (CEB).

What is a Core Erotic Blueprint™?

When we discuss someone’s blueprint or wiring we are referring to the part of the body’s physiology or neurology that determines or controls something. Likewise, a person’s CEB refers to the fundamental way that one is erotically wired and reveals the best paths for their sexual arousal.

A CEB is created from a combination of our genetic make-up, how we were brought up by our family and, to some extent, how we are influenced by our friends. For example, people who experienced a limited amount of physical contact and intimacy within their family and friendship groups may have particular wiring that makes it hard for them to feel what is happening in their bodies.

Fortunately, while we all have a core blueprint, we are each able to create new wiring thanks to neuroplasticity, thus expanding the expression of our own sexuality.

Erotic Blueprint
Illustration: Tina Maria Elena

How will I benefit from knowing my CEB?

Learning to understand your own desires provides you with compassion and understanding about your own, as well as your partner’s, sexual needs and turn-ons. It shows you where to go, what to do and what not to do. It’s a guide that gives you information about how to take things to the next level. It teaches you your own erotic language and how to communicate this compassionately, leading to a clearer path to pleasure. Just like a fingerprint, we all have a Core Erotic Blueprint . Knowing, accepting and expanding your CEB can open up new doors in your relationship with yourself and others.

There are five CEB types used to class people: energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky and shape-shifter (i.e. adventurous).

Discover your erotic language by taking this quiz:

Couple Sex Illustration
Illustration: Tina Maria Elena

But what if two people’s CEBs are not compatible?

Most couples don’t have the same primary blueprint or the same stacking of blueprints. By stacking, I mean the same primary, secondary, third and fourth blueprint. But that doesn’t mean you are not sexually compatible. It just means that you both need to learn to speak the other partner’s erotic language and feed into their deepest desires.

I’ve lost interest in sex, how can the CEB help?

Understanding your erotic blueprint doesn’t necessarily mean sexual intercourse. It can just be about understanding what type of touch you like or how you like to intimately connect. Reconnecting through touch and building anticipation can lead to deeper connection and intimacy, and it can reignite that spark. I believe that learning about CEBs brings a whole new awareness and changes the way you look at sex, relationships, and intimacy.

Want a little foreplay and learn how to create hot sex for a lifetime? Take the quiz and discover your erotic language now:

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Nathalie Sommer is a certified Relationship & Intimacy Coach. Nathalie teaches workshops and counsels internationally to help women and couples who are seeking support, guidance and coaching in the realms of erotic embodiment, sensual awakenings and living authentically. Her mission is to help women fall in love with themselves and connect to the sensual, radiant and luscious woman they are within.



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