DIY: How to Create Your Own Holiday Wreath

DIY: How to Create Your Own Holiday Wreath

holiday wreath
Photo courtesy of Amanda Godfrey

HO! HO! HO! It’s holiday time!

To get into the holiday spirit, I like to organize a small get together with friends to create a beautiful, hand-decorated wreath – a morning with friends, a beautiful wreath for all to take home, and also a kick-off for my own holiday home decorating.

holiday wreathStart with a ready made live wreath from your local florist or stores like Truffaut or Gamm Vert.

Holiday WreathBring your wreaths to life by adding any number of decorations, baubles, ribbons, fresh seasonal foliage from your garden, dried fruits and sparkly accessories.

Holiday WreathAfter choosing a theme, assembling begins with the essential florist’s green wire to attach all the bits and bobs.

DIY Holiday WreathAs the ideas start flowing, you’ll see your wreath begin to take shape.

DIY Holiday WreathTo create bows out of your ribbon, start by wrapping the two curled over circles around each other – much like tying your shoelaces!  Attach them by threading some florist’s wire through the back of your bow to the wreath.

DIY Holiday WreathEt Voilà! Attach a ribbon or wire if you want to hang this work of art to a door.  If not, these can be used as a stunning, colorful and festive table centerpieces.  Add a bowl with candles in the middle and there you have your own festive holiday wreath.

Don’t forget, this is just part of your Christmas decorations. The theme of your wreath can be carried throughout your home, from the dining room to your coffee table and chimneys. Don’t forget those unused glass vases – fill them with glittery baubles or seasonal pine cones, or – a great favorite of mine – white fairy lights. Very atmospheric!

Have fun and Bonne Fête!

Where to buy your accessories & decorations

  • Monoprix
  • BHV sous-sol
  • Castorama
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Galleries Lafayette home
  • Truffaut
  • Cedre Rouge
  • Cedre Rouge Weekend
  • Any florist

Share your opinions and ideas!


Try making your own holiday wreath and let us know how it goes! Share other ideas here with INSPIRELLE readers. We’d love to hear from you in the comments box below this article!

Amanda Godfrey’s design career originated in London's fashion industry and then on to the interior world of Paris. Design has always permeated every aspect of her work life. In her early career she worked as a fashion designer for multinational UK and French clothing retailers, working with the Far East and India. Whilst living in Geneva with her family, she retrained as an interior designer at the acclaimed KLC School of Design in London. Currently, she owns and operates her independent design firm, Maison32, servicing clients in London, Paris and Geneva.



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