Hopways: Safe Ride Sharing for Busy Kids in and around Paris

Hopways: Safe Ride Sharing for Busy Kids in and around Paris


Photo courtesy of Hopways

Busy parents are always struggling with being in two places at once. You have an important meeting that can’t be rescheduled, but Sophie needs to get to her music lesson. Thomas wants to go to his best friend’s birthday party, but you’re tied up at home with a sick baby. If only there was a kid-tested, parent-approved service that you could call to drive your children around Paris. And now there is – it’s HOPWAYS to the rescue!

Hopways founders Marietta Lagourgue, Anne Buffetaud and Sophie Sabatier

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Founded by three Parisian moms as a community carpool venture, Hopways identified a huge need in the parenting community. Since then, they’ve grown and expanded to be a unique ride service aimed at helping families manage all their diverse activities, recognized by many local parenting groups and the French press. Whether you need a one-off ride to an orthodontist appointment or regular trips to tennis or dance lessons, Hopways has a safe, reliable and reasonably-priced solution for you.

“Without Hopways, my 9 year-old son, passionate about German, wouldn’t be able to go to his German school. It’s an hour away and classes finish well before his father and I get home from work! Marietta and Sophie are very understanding, always ready to respond to our needs, and the drivers are patient and caring.” – Sandia O., Bagneux

Photo courtesy of Hopways

All of Hopways’ chauffeurs are personally vetted, adhere to a quality charter and have experience working with children, so you can rest assured your little ones will be buckled in safely and watched over carefully. Once your driver completes the trip, they will send you a message confirming your child has arrived at their destination.

Using Hopways couldn’t be easier. Just visit their newly-designed site and click on GET A QUOTE. Enter your pickup location and arrival address and they’ll get back to you in a snap. Prices start as low as 18€ for shared rides, and there are subscription rates for regular activities (daily, weekly, monthly).

Photo courtesy of Hopways

In addition, Hopways has partnered with several children’s programs to offer special deals. If your child loves horses, but equitation classes are too far or at the wrong time, now there’s a built-in solution for you – Hopways will take care of the journey to and from the stables. Other partner activities include museum visits, theater workshops and art classes.

“Hopways offers a reassuring, adaptable solution so that my daughter can get to her riding lessons on time and I don’t need to worry. The Hopways team is very flexible, dynamic and attentive to its customers” – Aude T., Paris

No more stress or anxiety trying to keep up with your children’s active schedules. Hopways is the ideal solution for your transportation needs, offering flexibility, reliability and peace of mind that no other taxi or ride-sharing service can match.

So what are you waiting for? Get a jump on the rentrée and SIGN UP for a Hopways ride subscription today. And don’t forget to share this smart resource with your friends!



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