Plant a Tree This Christmas as a Gift to Future Generations

Plant a Tree This Christmas as a Gift to Future Generations

1 Heart 1 Tree
Photo courtesy of 1 Heart 1 Tree

1 Heart 1 Tree. Find it in your heart to plant one tree and watch it grow over the next three years in a reforestation program in the Amazon forest, Asia or Africa.

Simply purchase your tree or tree package from 1 Heart 1 Tree online and instantly watch your virtual tree take life in the form of a real tree. Follow your tree’s spurt on a mobile or tablet application downloaded from Google Play and iTunes. Your heartbeat, recorded by putting your finger on your phone’s camera, will generate your virtual tree that will grow to its beat. You can learn where your tree will be planted and how it is growing.

Plant trees to grow a forest for yourself, your friends or family.

This monumental project is the brainchild of Belgium-Tunisian artist, Nazihil Mestaoui. This talented digital artist conceived a program to cast the image of your tree on the symbolic Eiffel Tower in Paris during the COP21 environmental summit in 2015. Today, more than 55,000 new trees have been planted under the project!

Eiffel Tower covered in viral trees that will transform into real trees to be planted in 1 Heart 1 Tree project.
Photo courtesy of 1 Heart 1 Tree

Plant virtual forests on the EIFFEL TOWER and reforest the planet!

“Every virtually conceived tree will have a tangible impact because for every virtual tree growing on the Eiffel Tower, a real tree will be planted in one of our reforestation programs around the world. However ephemeral this artwork may seem, it gives weight to the decisions you make today, by engaging in an action that will have a long-term impact on all of us and on the world we live in,” says Nazihil.

The digital artist has succeeded in connecting the symbol of the Industrial Revolution with nature. So far, over 50,000 trees have been projected onto the Eiffel Tower and will be planted in five continents!

The inspiration for the project came to her while studying ancestral knowledge and rites. “My passion for sciences and quantum physics led me to the Amazon, where I stayed with the native tribes in order to ideate a series of projects around the immaterial cultural heritage and the societies that still live in a reality made of visible and invisible worlds. Their relationship with nature is truly a source of inspiration and is very different from ours: in their eyes, a tree is another living being.”

Photo courtesy of 1 Heart 1 Tree.
Photo courtesy of 1 Heart 1 Tree.

Why is planting trees so important? “Planting trees means absorbing CO2, cleaning the air and water, regenerating biodiversity and creating natural fertilizers. It is essential to know that all the reforestation programs, supported in partnership with local NGOs, will each have a strong social and environmental impact,” explains Nazihil.

The goal is to plant millions of trees through art, using technology to reconnect us to nature. Be part of the action for change now and make your world greener!

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