A Spiritual Quest for Meaning in Life

A Spiritual Quest for Meaning in Life

Spirtitual quest

“The 21st century will be spiritual
or will not be.”

This much quoted declaration by André Malraux, celebrated French author, art collector and minister of culture under Charles de Gaulle resonates with the millennial zeitgeist of our restless era.

For the past three decades I took this much quoted observation as my motto, although rather puzzled by the actual definition of what “spiritual” meant.

I gathered a tapestry of impressions from primal sources: tales of dream interpretation from my mystical East European grandmother, Biblical studies during my stay in a Catholic convent school, encountering unexplained phenomena while living on a boat for two years, and interviewing gurus and scientists, philosophers and artists during my broadcasting career.

I was and am searching for transcendence, multidimensionality, whatever you want to call it: to have an answer to that eternal question: “is that all there is?” and if not,
then, what else is there?

From an early age, signs came through to arouse my curiosity as to what might lie beyond the veil of physicality. Dreams predicting things to come: as a child, I saw scenes from the Hungarian Revolution months before they actually happened….instructions in dreams as to how to escape through the border to freedom.

Of course, these were only clues, and I kept them close to my chest for fear of being branded a weirdo. But these and other clues growing up kept me curious and full of hope. A hope that life was not a predetermined frozen state of being but full of mystery and a promise of change.

In my first years of living in Paris, I became a member of a “Metaphysical Book Club” founded by a woman who had suddenly lost her husband. She was bewildered, searching for answers and so were we all, some 20-odd of us, all coming from a variety of backgrounds and professions and nationalities.

We exchanged information and experiences, and quickly understood that there are no ironclad answers and that many roads lead to the Rome of spirituality.

spiritual quest © lculig/123RF
© lculig/123RF

It was an exciting time, for this was the 80s, and time was more available. We came to accept the fact that we are more than flesh and blood and that there are phenomena we cannot as yet explain. We were excited to open ourselves up to mysteries such as reincarnation, visualization, Reiki healing, meditation, crop circles, channeling, labyrinths, Buddhist chanting, the Kaballah— the list is endless.

And above all, we suspended judgment—a state not easy to achieve given backgrounds and conditioning.

The little group grew and then splintered as we went on our individual journeys around the globe. But we are still in touch and exchange information about transcendental books, events, and exciting personalities we meet along the way.

Spiritual imagery
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Gradually we are arriving at the realization that spirituality is not a separate state of being, but a balance between earth and sky, the art of harmony, acceptance and joy.

It is such information I would like to share with you through this blog.

So I begin with the books I started to read which opened me up to new spiritual horizons three decades ago:

  • The Sleeping Prophet by Edgar Cayce
  • Out on a Limb by Shirley Maclaine
  • The Color of Emotion by Chris Griscom
  • Emmanuel’s Book Dialogue with Angels by Gitta Mallasz
  • Truth and Actuality by Krishnamurti

I hope that through this blog I can share with you some of my discoveries on the quest for a spiritual life and that you will share some of your findings with us as well.

Share your thoughts and comments below!

Madeleine Czigler was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in Toronto, Canada. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto and the Sorbonne in Paris and has pursued a career in TV broadcasting and print journalism for three decades. As a field producer for major media such as CTV, CBC, Discovery and PBS, Madeleine reported on topics ranging from political elections, Olympic sports and fashion shows. From 1989 to 2009, she was the Paris based producer for the internationally acclaimed CBC TV series Fashion File seen in over 150 countries around the world. Madeleine has covered hundreds of fashion shows and back stages interviewing celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Evangelista and Karl Lagerfeld. Madeleine now divides her time between Paris and Toronto, freelancing and teaching communications at the American University of Paris.


  1. Great article written by a great human being. I love the honest, practical approach, and the idea that spirituality is about balance. Can’t wait to read more from Madeleine.

  2. I was with Madeleine while we were both starting our quest in this spiritual journey to accept the divine. I could never imagine the riches that have come my way. One has to learn to be receptive and allow the divine to show us our path and teach us to share our love.
    Love you, Madeleine.

  3. i too look forward to more articles by madeleine. love the reading list and thought it was hilarious/strange to do a math problem to prove I’m human. I’m sure madeleine’s articles will be fascinating to us humans.

  4. This article is beautifully written and speaks from the heart! I know the author personally and she is one of the most interesting, deep and wisest women I have met in Paris. Great idea to recommend books on the subject. I look forward to other articles written by Madeleine!


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