Strangelove nyc Perfumes the City of Love

Strangelove nyc Perfumes the City of Love

© Alexis Duclos for INSPIRELLE

There’s an unfamiliar fragrance in town, a scent smoldering with Oudh and precious materials to arouse the senses. A perfume as unique as its creator: strangelove nyc, born from a collaboration between American businesswoman Elizabeth Gaynes, Danish fashion model and photographer Helena Christensen and French master perfumer Christophe Laudemel.

This week, the dream team launched their exclusive collection of strangelove nyc perfumes in the iconic Parisian house Jovoy, founded in 1923. When you visit this temple of scents near Place Vendome, you will discover a treasure of niche perfumes. Three new ones – deadofnight, meltmyheart and silencethesea -now join the ranks of some of the most coveted, rare and exquisite brands.

strangelove nyc perfumes on display at Jovoy. © INSPIRELLE

In a fragrant world that thrives on the story behind the perfume, strangelove nyc was created to capture the exhilarating emotion of falling madly in love.

Founder Elizabeth Gaynes, Creative Director Helena Christensen and French perfumer Christophe Laudemel. © Matt Cordes


INSPIRELLE sought out its creators Elizabeth Gaynes and Helena Christensen on perfume day in Paris to explain how their original potions transcend all others and why perfumistas will be unable to resist its whiff.

Elizabeth, what is the inspiration behind the creation of strangelove nyc perfume?

I co-founded a company called Gaiaone, which was established in 2010 with a mission to market and distribute sustainable essential oils and natural raw materials. Our first project was based in Borneo and through this venture, I fell in love with truly beautiful ingredients including Oudh! From that experience, I founded strangelove nyc based upon the idea of using the highest quality materials in the world to create exquisite fragrances, something long forgotten in the world of fine perfume. I was also inspired by my time living in Italy and noting how locals had such a fine appreciation for quality and finely crafted products.

In search of natural oils in the Balung fields of Borneo. © Elizabeth Gaynes

Without divulging your deepest secrets, what makes your fragrances so special?

We create all our fragrances using only rare and exquisite ingredients. We want our clients to smell incredibly unique and to experience scent like they’ve never experienced it before. Our fragrances last for hours and hours and take you on a journey as they develop, melding with the wearer’s own distinct metabolism.

There is a physical reaction to our perfumes; many of our customers say they are addicted to our fragrances and that they can’t live without them.

We see our collection as mysterious, sensual, and powerful potions first and fragrances second.

Helena Christensen and Elizabeth Gaynes
Helena Christensen and Elizabeth Gaynes. © Matt Cordes

Helena, from modeling to photography, how did you also become involved in strangelove nyc?

My friend Elizabeth came home from a trip to Borneo with a sample of the resin from the agarwood tree, Oudh. As soon as I smelled the oil in its first stages of becoming a perfume, I was on board! The scent was so unique, so intense and magical that I knew we had something very special on our hands.

Why does a perfume feel so personal and unique?

The nose is the most under-appreciated of our senses. One whiff of any one scent can bring back flooding emotions, feelings and memories. From childhood, the scent of a first love, of summers long past… everyone has their own personal memory of the smell of freshly cut lawn, which can signify the first day of summer. Scents are remarkable in this way, evoking all our other senses – such as sight, touch, sound and memory.

strangelove nyc perfumes © Peter Siskos/Graphic by INSPIRELLE

You have three unique perfumes. Tell us the story behind each fragrance.

  • deadofnight was our first fragrance and has a heart of pure Oudh. It’s beloved by customers around the world and is known for being very seductive.
  • meltmyheart contains Oudh blended with Orris butter – used for finding love – and Dark Chocolate.
  • silencethesea blends Oudh with marine notes of Ambergris, Truffle and Seaweed and builds strong bonds between lovers. Both of our newly launched fragrances are finding their own devotees. Some of our clients who were passionate about deadofnight now say they love our other scents just as much. Some wear all three fragrances and select one to wear depending on how they feel that day or what they might decide to wear.

Helena, of all the exquisite perfumes in the world, why strangelove nyc?

I love strangelove nyc perfume oils because they work with your body, your temperature, your skin. They get absorbed differently and I love the little bit of shine that they also add to your skin. With our eau de parfums, I spray them in the air and I walk through them, so it drizzles on you.

strangelove nyc fragrances are available in Jovoy Parfums Rare
Where: 4 rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris
Telephone: +33 1 40 20 06 19



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