Ways to Stay Calm During Turbulent Times

Ways to Stay Calm During Turbulent Times

Candles lit in memory of the victims of Paris attacks.

How to stay calm in the midst of turbulence and anxiety?

It is the principal question we are challenged to resolve during this troubling moment in time.

In the quest for balance and alignment between body and soul, I am using as many tricks and tools learned along the way to keep on course and not to give in to the unstillness surrounding us.

Here are some tips I find useful in keeping calm and centered:


Transform our physical space into a haven, a place of nurturing and safety by:

  • Playing soothing or upbeat music inside.
  • Burning a scented candle or incense in the living room.
  • Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table.
  • Once having established tranquility in our space, we can focus our


to stay calm by:

  • Not allowing continuous news coverage invade the serenity of our space.
  • Keeping TV and or radio news to a minimum; instead switching to comedy shows, nature documentaries and the like.
  • Being aware of what kind of content creates anxiety and fear, and eliminating it at once.
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Meditation to create a safe place inside. Meditation is easy. Sit calmly in front of a burning candle and go inward with your breath.

Calm the busy mind with deep breathing and focus on the candle. With the breath, become aware of your body inside and create a secret garden of safety and peace you can go back and visit.

Physical activity such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance – whatever sport turns you on – are invaluable tools for alignment.

Singing in a choir or at home in the kitchen, shower, wherever, builds up the joy factor.

Cooking, if so inclined, favorite recipes, comfort food, and pastry making are remarkably effective in cutting down stress. Chicken soup, mac and cheese, shepherds pie, dessert crumble are dishes served at many dinner parties of late!

Communal projects with friends and neighbors, such as book clubs, meditation and support groups, wine tastings, parties are great morale boosters.

By creating a safe place inside ourselves fully anchored in our cozy physical space, we are well-armed to venture out into the outside world.

This calmness is contagious. We are linked together in a chain of peace. Remember, “We are the world”.

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Madeleine Czigler was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in Toronto, Canada. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto and the Sorbonne in Paris and has pursued a career in TV broadcasting and print journalism for three decades. As a field producer for major media such as CTV, CBC, Discovery and PBS, Madeleine reported on topics ranging from political elections, Olympic sports and fashion shows. From 1989 to 2009, she was the Paris based producer for the internationally acclaimed CBC TV series Fashion File seen in over 150 countries around the world. Madeleine has covered hundreds of fashion shows and back stages interviewing celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Evangelista and Karl Lagerfeld. Madeleine now divides her time between Paris and Toronto, freelancing and teaching communications at the American University of Paris.



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