Food Delivery in Paris: 15 Delicious Ways to Spice Up Dining at...

Food Delivery in Paris: 15 Delicious Ways to Spice Up Dining at Home

food delivery in paris

Not inspired to cook tonight? No time to go to the grocery store before the shops close after work? Panique pas, it’s INSPIRELLE to the rescue! We’ve compiled a diverse list of tried and true delivery services in Paris that bring tasty, steaming hot food from your favorite restaurants, fresh produce from the marché, or even creative cocktails direct to your front door. For those who live outside of the city center, don’t fret, we’ve thought of you too!

Our team has selected food delivery services based on choice, quality and speed. Keep this list handy and you won’t have to worry about cooking or grocery shopping when you don’t have time (or you just don’t feel like it!). We made sure to include a selection of ethical and responsible delivery services as well. But, to ensure that your delivery person gets rewarded for good service, don’t forget to tip them in cash.

Editor’s note: Prices, service times, and product offerings are accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change. Please refer to each service’s website or app for the most updated information.

Ready to Eat Meals (and Drinks!) Delivered to You

Alors Faim Paris


Travel to Asia vicariously through your tastebuds, by enjoying authentic Asian cuisine chez vous with Alorsfaim! With over 500 restaurants (some Michelin-starred) to choose from, you can order from a wide variety of enticing dishes such as Chinese Peking Duck to Vietnamese Bahn Mi, Korean street food, Thai curry, Japanese bentos, and even bubble teas. They also offer a selection of fresh and frozen Asian groceries as well as drinks. Download the app (in French or in Chinese), and you can order for delivery within a 25km radius of Paris. Look out for discounts for first time customers and on their social media pages.



This bike-peddling delivery service, which originated in the UK, has a mega mission: “To bring the world’s local restaurants into everyone’s home or office – fast.” Deliveroo has a huge selection of top quality food from a long list of restaurants to cater to all palates – from sushi and pizzas to gluten-free patisseries and empanadas. Order from their website or smartphone app, pay online, and sit back with a glass of wine while you wait for your order to arrive.


Izzy's cocktails


For your next apéro at home or at the office, why not order fun, California-style, artisanal cocktails? Founded by Californians in Paris, Jennifer and Allison (mixologist, pastry chef and founder of Brooklyn’s Butter & Scotch), Izzy’s delivers creative, fresh herbal cocktails, mocktails and vegan snacks to your doorstep in Paris or in the 92 department. Every Sunday, they drop a new menu of drinks with fun names like Madam Vice President, La Catrina, and Scarborough Fair, which are delivered in reusable glass jars that you can even drink from. An environmentally-conscious business, Izzy’s uses only sustainable and locally sourced packaging and ingredients from local markets and farmers.


Just Eat logo


Just Eat offers a diverse smorgasbord of cuisines, including vegetarian, gluten-free and hallal to suit every taste! Formerly known as “Allo Resto”, this English-language online service was founded by Sébastien Forest in 1998. More than 15,000 restaurants are available on the website. You can also download the app on the Apple store or Google Play. Just eat and don’t think about it twice!


Are you feeling adventurous? Why not tantalize your taste buds with some traditional, gastronomic Persian food? From a simple, healthy salad Shirazi, to chelo kabab joujeh (saffron kebabs), or Fesenjoon, a gorgeous lamb and pomegranate stew, Mazeh won’t disappoint. The hitch is that they only deliver within Paris.

Planetsushi food delivery service logo.PLANET SUSHI

There are plenty of on-the-go Japanese restaurants these days, but for sushi lovers in Paris and other major cities in France and Monaco, Planet Sushi is known for offering a tantalizing selection of fresh fish and innovative dishes. A highly varied menu offers lunch options, bento boxes, and a seasonal menu for pick up or delivery. Try their inventive takes on classic sushi, such as the Black Collection of sushi made with black rice, or Italian, Brazilian and even Mexican inspired maki rolls.



Expecting a big crowd for dinner à la franquette? Treat your guests to a buffet of delicious Lebanese mezzes (Middle Eastern tapas), grilled brochettes and traditional sweets. Samaya offers an amazing selection of dishes depending on your budget and appetite, including degustation (tasting) plates with up to seven dips, salads, beignets and meats. For parties of 10 and more, indulge in the buffet formulas with 10 varieties of mezzes, two meat brochettes plus dessert. Why not complement your food with some Lebanese wine too? The tasty and reasonably priced food is available for delivery or catering in the southwestern Paris suburbs: Boulogne Billancourt, Sèvres, Meudon.


A leader in sushi delivery and takeaway, Sushi Shop was founded in 1998 by Frenchman Grégory Marciano who, after spending time in California, wanted to introduce California-style sushi to France. Marciano was the first delivery boy on his scooter! Today, there are over 80 Sushi Shops across France and Europe (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain). Choose online from an affordable range of freshly prepared lunch boxes, sushi boxes, bowls and seasonal rolls.


Craving a gourmet meal that is also presented nicely for a corporate meeting or special occasion? Tiptoque serves up gastronomic meals prepared by top (some Michelin-starred) chefs in Paris for pick up or delivery. Fresh, local, gourmet cuisine from chefs like Yannick Alléno, Kelly Rangama, Eric Frechon, Jean-François Bury, and Beatriz Gonzalez, served in elegant, origami-shaped recyclable packaging—no wonder Chanel and Moët Hennessy are fans! Of course, top quality food and service comes at a price. Tiptoque’s delivery team are salaried employees, so delivery fees start around 10€ within Paris, and can run up to 30€ for delivery to suburbs.



The food delivery service offshoot of Uber’s ride-hailing service, UberEats orders are delivered by Uber drivers instead of bike couriers. If you have an Uber account, you can conveniently use the same login details and order from hundreds of restaurants near you. In Paris, they offer an “Option Instantanée” for lunch — a selection of meals which cost between 8€ to 12€, and can be delivered in lickety-split time from Monday to Friday between 11:30am – 2:30pm (only available within certain arrondissements).

Groceries & Meal Kits at Your Doorstep

food delivery in paris

If you cook Asian food at home, whether it’s Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean, you know it’s hard to find all the ingredients you need in one place in central Paris. Asia Marché delivers a wide range of Asian groceries and produce (including an organic selection), from basic noodles to specialty seasonings, beverages, desserts, snacks and even cooking utensils. You can even order a Peking Duck (canard laqué) and all the fixings to go with it, or, for the Lunar New Year, they have Banh tet, a traditional Vietnamese new year delicacy.



Hunkering for fresh hummus and some pita bread to go with it? Dreaming of scrumptious loukoums and some baklava? For generations, Bahadourian has been offering a wide array of exotic herbs and spices, condiments, dried food products, pastries, drinks and beauty products from all corners of the world. For your next apéro, why not try some Armenian charcuterie and a tapenade verte aux amandes with a Lebanese beer? Allow about 48h for delivery, which is free for orders over 65€.



Want to support your favorite neighborhood boucherie, poissonniere or fromagerie, but stuck at your desk? Epicery delivers fresh groceries from over 800 local merchants in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille and Toulouse, 7 days a week — sometimes within one hour! Out of ideas for your next meal? Check out their “cantine” section, which offers a selection of ready-to-eat meals. To reduce their carbon footprint, they use recyclable packaging and 90% of deliveries are by bike or on foot.



Committed to reducing their impact on the planet, Frichti offers high-quality, locally sourced, seasonal food and produce at affordable prices. Frichti Kitchen’s chefs prepare healthy, home style meals to be delivered in eco-friendly anywhere in Paris by bike or electric scooter within 20 minutes. Frichti Market brings you fresh groceries, baked goods, ingredient kits you can whip up yourself, and even delicious French pâtisseries from renowned pâtissier Yann Couvreur. They also have special deals for companies feeding their troops at work. As part of their zero-waste philosophy, unsold or unutilized products are donated to the Restos du Coeur de Paris.


No more grocery runs, wondering what to cook, looking up recipes, or measuring out ingredients. With internationally popular Hello Fresh meal kits, all you need to do is put on your apron and enjoy the fun of cooking! Simply go to their website and choose the type of meal you want (meat/fish/veggies, vegetarian, family-style, or express), how many people you want to feed and when you want to cook, and all the pre-measured ingredients will be shipped to you. A perfect formula for stress-free and sustainable cooking — what are you waiting for?

Bon appétit!

Do you have other favorite food delivery services in France that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at [email protected]!


  1. In Boulogne, a new app has launched called HappyPorteur. It’s a delivery app for Boulogne restaurants (not sure if they will be expanding to Paris). But it’s meant to be a more ethical and ecologically-friendly service, and one that does a better job of supporting its member restaurants and drivers. (UberEats and Deliveroo have come under fire for taking large commissions from restaurants, making it hard for restaurants to make any money on delivery orders. They also have been criticized for not paying their riders/drivers well at all. I always tip the driver if I order from them!)


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